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The Ultimate Brooklyn 99 Trivia Night! – Get Your ‘Nine-Nine’ Fix This Halloween.

/Blogs /The Ultimate Brooklyn 99 Trivia Night! – Get Your ‘Nine-Nine’ Fix This Halloween

The Ultimate Brooklyn 99 Trivia Night! – Get Your ‘Nine-Nine’ Fix This Halloween

The Nine Nine is now at a bar near you!

You’ve seen the Jimmy Jabs and the Halloween Heist play out on your screen, how about you create some trouble of your own this Halloween with a trivia quiz to capture the magic of the night!

With questions you will not have any trouble knowing if you’re a fan of the show, Ace of Pubs is here with the perfect answer to the constant question of ‘things to do’ in your city on weekdays. A night of Brooklyn Nine Nine trivia where you’re rewarded with drinks and merchandise from The Souled Store for all the right answers.

What do I expect?:

Get seated at just the right spot to get your night as legendary as the Nine Nine! Gather your crew and make sure you have your tables close enough that you don’t risk an eavesdrop from another table near you!

Ever wondered which Brooklyn 99 character you are? Here’s the chance to find out!

Make sure you’ve been through the seasons whether it’s the Halloween Heists through the years or Scully and Hitchcock’s record for sitting on their chairs, because it’s all fair game! It’s you chance to shine if you’re the only one that remembers the colour of the shirt when Amy and Boyle wore the same outfit. (Bonus Points if you can name the closest shade.)

Once the night begins, raise your placard before you answer so that the host knows that you’re up for the challenge and only answer when called upon! Beware of the Wuntch to your Holt though, the other tables will be listening in for the answers you’ve worked hard to get to!

[P.S. this is the perfect opportunity if you’re looking for a ‘Hot Damn’ from Captain Holt for your trivia expertise, this quiz is tailor made for you!]

How do I register?

With the Pop culture quiz already live on our page, all you need to do is click on the link and make sure you register for the pub quiz at a venue near you! We’re not saying that we’d run out of space, but you don’t want someone to ‘Vulture’ your table at the Ace of Pubs quiz and risk losing your chance at the reward now do you?

Registering is easy enough even if you’re CJ. All you need to do is follow the link to an event listed near you and submit the form with your details! Once you’ve signed up for our event, the trick is then about making sure you’re well-placed to answer all the questions at exactly the right time.

Don’t let this be something that you engage in like Gina and Boyle, let the world know and make it your personal Peralt-iago of personal celebrations!

Get the night started right with the perfect fandom and finish with a belly full of drinks and a bag full of official merchandise from  The Souled Store to cap off the perfect night out with Ace of Pubs!

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