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Spice Up Your Party with These Fun Drinking Games.

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Spice Up Your Party with These Fun Drinking Games

An Ace of Pubs’ Quiz Night with a Twist. Why stop at Pub Quizzing when your night can be so much more? While redefining “fun places near you” we can’t just stop at your favourite trivia, we’ve got to take it one step further! 

Showing off your trivia prowess may have gotten old for you but this is sure to add that extra spice back into those nights you’ve spent! A pub quiz was always about enjoying the moment with friends both old and new! And what’s better to add to this mix than some games to keep you rolling? 

It’s a place where drinking games and laughter blend seamlessly. So, grab a drink (or win one) and strap in for a night of some extra fun for those of you lucky enough to chance upon the magic of pub quizzing!

Game 1: Mystery Patron – The Stealthy Gamer

How to Play: Every team secretly appoints a ‘Mystery Patron’, by a draw of lots before the night’s quiz kicks off. The ‘Mystery Patron’ picks up the tab for the person that gets your team the most points. Keep your team in the game and end the night with a free meal! Because let’s be honest, if you’re giving all the right answers, your beverage counter for the night is bound to be pretty stacked.

Game 2: Photo Finish – Snapshot Showdown

How to Play: They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and if the night has been in the words of Barney Stinson’s legend-wait for it- dary! then there needs to be a picture to capture it. What that picture has to be though… that’s where the magic happens. 

Barney may have been photogenic but all us mere mortals can only try to be! Get embarrassing photos of your teammates during the quiz! The worst performing member of your team has to post their embarrassing photo on Instagram with the caption “They lost because of me!” and bear the ultimate humiliation they can. Become a trivia factoid in the story of your friendship!

Game 3: Quote Me If You Can – The Quirky Quip Contest

How to Play: Everyone jots down their favorite comment made by a teammate as a part of a casual conversation that could have been a Bollywood dialogue. At the end of the night, everyone submits their entries and a winner is picked by common vote. The winner gets their meal paid for by the rest of their teammates at the end of the quiz! A cool way to take your mind off the grueling quizzing grind, this option offers up the chance to end the night on a high no matter the final standings!

Game 4: Secret Handshake Challenge – Shared Glory (or Humiliation)

How to Play: Teams create an elaborate secret handshake with each of your teammates before the quiz begins. Make sure you include some twirls and spins (for the panache befitting true aficionado). The person with the fewest correct answers must greet everyone with their handshake for a week or until they concede that their teammates are indeed the superior quizzers!

Game 5: The Prediction Game – Guessing Gala

How to Play: Possibly the most vanilla game you can play but with a twist. Get all the teams to pick which one they think will win at the end of the night (for some early pandemonium). Whoever predicts the winner correctly (provided no team can pick themselves) get a real reason to call it the “fun places to go near me” that they had googled before coming there! The winning team gets their meals taken care of by all the other teams pooling their resources! We’re not saying it’ll be easy to get the teams to agreeing, but armed with a few of your trivia-tastic friends, you can rest assured with a meal that’s been paid for! 

Create Lasting Memories

At Ace of Pubs, we believe in making every night memorable. Whether you’re here for the trivia, the unique games, or the camaraderie, we promise an evening filled with laughter and shared moments. So, come down to one of the most fun places near you for an unforgettable experience.

We’re not just a quizzing company; we’re where fun and laughter go for more. Brush up on your trivia, get ready for some cool drinking games, and join us at Ace of Pubs. Let’s make each night a lively adventure together!

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