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A Newbie’s Guide To Pub Quizzing with Ace of Pubs.

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A Newbie’s Guide To Pub Quizzing with Ace of Pubs

For all the times that you’ve stayed up watching your favourite sitcom on repeat, for all the times you’ve woken your parents up shouting at 2:00 AM because your team just conceded a goal, there was a reason. Life was preparing you. Your moment is here.

Two words. Pub Quizzing. A trivia event is just the place to dip into your cache of ‘useless’ information. A place where you can find kindred spirits and have your skills rewarded. A fun event to attend with your friends! The best part? The rewards are winning drinks and other fun goodies!

Where? When? What?:

Ace of Pubs is India’s largest quizzing company, organizing pub quizzes in more than 15 cities across the country and internationally. With quizzes ranging from mind games and general trivia to themed quizzes for specific fandoms, Ace of Pubs has conducted over 5500 events from its inception.

From general knowledge to sports, our quizzes span questions running a wide amplitude. Whether your niche is Marvel’s Avengers or the cast of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge’, Ace of Pubs has something for you. Our ‘Bollywood Quiz Nights’ in various cities give your desi- side the complete chance to “fulo, phalo, khush raho”!

Remember how Michael Scott had his ‘rollo-o-dex’ stolen? Yeah, We’re not taking any chances. All that you need to know about our events is on our social media handles linked here so that we can always get in touch.

Still need convincing? There’s no entry charge to sign up! Remember to register on the link in our bio and your night of trivia games awaits you. Just make sure you look up the venue for any age restrictions for entry and location beforehand. We don’t want you missing a night of pub quizzing after braving the city traffic!

If you can identify any 5 pop culture characters in the word search You’d have already had a beer to complement your night!:

How Do I Start?

Once you’ve identified the event, the heist begins. Like El Professor, you need to put together your crew. Need someone for the international factoids? Bring you classmate from 5th standard who has an undefeated record in ‘ATLAS’. Never thought you’d like your office colleague who refuses to stop quoting Dwight Schrute? The Ace of Pubs Office Quiz is his chance at redemption.

Now that you have your team in place, it’s all about the quiz. And the only rule we have is that you must have fun. The host will hand out placards to each team to start the event. Curb your Sheldon Cooper instincts to answer out of turn and make sure you raise your placard every time you have the right answer.

This isn’t the ‘Dundies’ but that doesn’t mean there’s no prizes! Get the answers right and you can win drinks and other official merchandise as your reward. Know too many answers and had one too many on a weekday? We got you covered. MorningFresh is the perfect nightcap to make sure of a great tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? Get your team in place and register for your nearest Ace of Pubs trivia Event as soon as possible.


A night out at a pub where the host asks fun questions about trivia from around the world of pop culture.

A simple night out at a bar made fun by a host that asks you trivia questions from around the world.

Answer the questions and get your prizes. Simple as that.

A fun night out with your friends that can bring you closer together. Shared memories of getting the question right and even better memories of getting an obvious answer wrong.

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