Ace of Pubs hosts live quizzes and fun events in bars, pubs and restaurants across India. Participants try to guess answers to our quizzes, dance, play some fun games and take on unique challenges to try and win prizes like free beer and merchandise. Our events are ideal for spending time with your friends, family and coworkers. We will bring back your childish sense of excitement and competition for a few hours to help you unwind!

Is fun, joy and happiness not enough for ya? Fine! There’s FREE BEER, Merchandise, Sunglasses, Movie tickets and many more prizes. Not to mention the bonding and happy memories you’ll create with your loved ones.

A themed quiz is a fun new concept for India. We design and host themes based on different fandoms. We have quizzed Marvel fans, Potterheads, Fans of Musical Bands, Netflix Watchers, Bollywood fans and so many more. These events bring together members of the same fandoms in a pub or a bar so that you all can geek out with one another! Imagine meeting so many new people you would have never met, so many new friends. We take the fandom to the next level with fun contests like dressing up as your favourite character for free beers.

We quiz you on topics that most people are already familiar with! Some of the quirkier topics may only be known to fewer people. Which is why it is important to get all kinds of friends with you when you try to win at Ace of Pubs. But overall, Ace of Pubs will deliver a chill and enjoyable experience that isn’t overbearing on your night out.

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Today, Ace of Pubs conducts events in all metro cities in India and has an exciting team of content curators and hosts. Bars and restaurants love having us over – They get a full house on weekdays – People get an excuse to get out and have fun with free beers and prizes – The hosts enjoy entertaining the audiences.

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