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October 2023.


The Nine Nine is now at a bar near you!You've seen the Jimmy Jabs and the Halloween Heist play out on your screen, how about you create some trouble of your own this Halloween with a trivia quiz to capture the magic of the night!With questions you will not have any trouble knowing if you're a fan of the show, Ace of Pubs is here with the perfect answer to the constant question of 'things to do' in your city on weekdays. A night of Brooklyn Nine Nine trivia where you're rewarded with drinks and merchandise from The Souled Store for all the right answers.What do I expect?:Get seated at just the right spot to get your night as legendary as the Nine Nine! Gather your crew and make sure you have your tables close enough that you don't risk an eavesdrop from another table near you!Ever wondered which Brooklyn

For all the times that you've stayed up watching your favourite sitcom on repeat, for all the times you've woken your parents up shouting at 2:00 AM because your team just conceded a goal, there was a reason. Life was preparing you. Your moment is here. Two words. Pub Quizzing. A trivia event is just the place to dip into your cache of 'useless' information. A place where you can find kindred spirits and have your skills rewarded. A fun event to attend with your friends! The best part? The rewards are winning drinks and other fun goodies! Where? When? What?: Ace of Pubs is India's largest quizzing company, organizing pub quizzes in more than 15 cities across the country and internationally. With quizzes ranging from mind games and general trivia to themed quizzes for specific fandoms, Ace of Pubs has conducted over 5500 events from its inception. From general knowledge to sports, our

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