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Suyash, Pune.

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Suyash, Pune

Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights is an exciting and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends while enjoying delicious drinks and pub food. The quiz nights are well-organized, with a good mix of challenging and fun questions about cricket. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, with participants encouraged to work together and share their knowledge to answer the questions.

One of the best parts of Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights is the opportunity to win free drinks by answering bonus questions or getting the most points in the quiz. This adds an extra element of excitement and competitiveness to the event, and encourages everyone to participate and do their best.

The staff at Ace of Pubs are also fantastic, providing great service throughout the evening and making sure everyone is having a good time. They are knowledgeable about the drinks and food on offer and are happy to make recommendations or answer any questions.

Overall, I would highly recommend Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights to anyone looking for a fun and engaging evening out with friends. The combination of a great atmosphere, challenging questions, and the chance to win free drinks makes it a must-attend event for cricket fans and pub-goers alike.

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