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Aditya Poddar.

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Aditya Poddar

Who would have thought that my early 20s visit to Irish House, Kolkata, attending quizzes as a participant, would pave the way for me to host one myself in the very same Irish House? Embarking on this incredible journey has been nothing short of a dream come true, blending my passion for trivia, love for beer, and unwavering devotion to CRICKET!

As a host, I was thrilled to see a diverse group of enthusiastic cricket lovers eagerly waiting for their chance to answer questions about the sport they live and breathe. The T20 series, aptly called “Manoranjan Ka Baap,” never fails to create an electric atmosphere, captivating the audience with excitement. The questions were challenging, yet many of the participants knew the answers, showcasing their profound cricket knowledge.

During one of the quiz nights, the crowd went absolutely berserk when Dhoni came out to play just two balls. Everyone stopped what they were doing and was glued to the screen, a testament to the sheer passion and devotion the fans have for their cricket idols. This captivating energy is an integral part of what makes Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights so special.

Ace of Pubs has undoubtedly become the ultimate destination for Cricket Quiz Nights. The merchandise and match tickets offered to winners are enticing, but it’s the expertly crafted questions and electrifying atmosphere that truly sets these events apart. Participants immerse themselves in a thrilling 45 minutes of thinking on their feet, showcasing their cricket knowledge, impressing their friends, winning prizes, and enjoying free beer!

Remarkably, these quizzes have attracted not only young enthusiasts but also passionate cricket fans in their 50s. They flock to the venues, eager to flaunt their extensive knowledge and the chance to win match tickets. This diverse appeal speaks volumes about the universal charm of cricket and the engaging format of Ace of Pubs’ quizzes.

Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights are a must-attend event, offering an unforgettable fusion of fun, trivia, and drinks. The adrenaline-pumping environment, the camaraderie among cricket fans, and the opportunity to share my love for the sport with like-minded individuals have made this a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Ace of Pubs’ Cricket Quiz Nights and eagerly look forward to hosting many more unforgettable events in the future.

If you haven’t experienced an Ace of Pubs Cricket quiz night yet, I highly recommend joining us for an evening brimming with excitement, friendly competition, and an unparalleled celebration of cricket. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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