May 2023.

I have always believed it is the audience that makes every event Joyful, engaging, and at the end a successful story! I was never into Pub Quiz till I got associated with Ace of Pubs. From my day one to till date, every event I have been blessed with great stories to take along. When I see the smile of Joy, Answering the questions and getting it right takes me back to those days of being a kid. I see that kid in every individual enjoys the quiz. There are many stories to share, but this one is at the top of all. In one of the events, this old lady in the audience " I called her Ajji " for the entire evening. She had come along with her family, the entire family was involved trying to answer every question. But the highlight of the event, was when I asked this

Who would have thought that my early 20s visit to Irish House, Kolkata, attending quizzes as a participant, would pave the way for me to host one myself in the very same Irish House? Embarking on this incredible journey has been nothing short of a dream come true, blending my passion for trivia, love for beer, and unwavering devotion to CRICKET! As a host, I was thrilled to see a diverse group of enthusiastic cricket lovers eagerly waiting for their chance to answer questions about the sport they live and breathe. The T20 series, aptly called "Manoranjan Ka Baap," never fails to create an electric atmosphere, captivating the audience with excitement. The questions were challenging, yet many of the participants knew the answers, showcasing their profound cricket knowledge. During one of the quiz nights, the crowd went absolutely berserk when Dhoni came out to play just two balls. Everyone stopped what they

Ace of Pubs' Cricket Quiz Nights is an exciting and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends while enjoying delicious drinks and pub food. The quiz nights are well-organized, with a good mix of challenging and fun questions about cricket. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, with participants encouraged to work together and share their knowledge to answer the questions. One of the best parts of Ace of Pubs' Cricket Quiz Nights is the opportunity to win free drinks by answering bonus questions or getting the most points in the quiz. This adds an extra element of excitement and competitiveness to the event, and encourages everyone to participate and do their best. The staff at Ace of Pubs are also fantastic, providing great service throughout the evening and making sure everyone is having a good time. They are knowledgeable about the drinks and food on offer and are happy to make

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