August 2023.


Picture this. Tuesday night. You have had your 8th meeting of the week with an annoying client (is there any other kind?) and work is finally done. You are ready to take on the night with your old college gang but you are tired of the same old hangout routine. Where do you head? Look no further than a fun night with Ace of Pubs, India's largest quizzing company with trivia nights in pubs across the country. With over 5500 events across multiple venues in 25+ cities, we are not far from you anymore. Why Us? A pub quiz is an ideal setting for you to show off your wit and knowledge and climb the social ladder all while showing off your competitive side. You can go from the Morty of your group to Rick in a single night. What can you expect from an Ace of Pubs Event? Pit yourself against the best in

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