December 2023.


True, you've never heard of a pub quiz before. But trust us, it's exactly what your group of friends needs. (And us conducting pub quizzes is only 73% of the reason we're suggesting this!)A Pub Quiz is the newest way for your nights to reach the next level with a chance to take your plans to the next level! Here's some reasons why this is what your group needs right now!1. Unites Through Common InterestsOne of the most significant advantages of pub quizzing is as a team-building activity. Pub Quizzing binds us through a love for our favorites and our shared interests.Whether you're a fan of sports, history, pop culture, or science, everyone has a chance to shine. Whether you're newly friends and desperately need to create new memories with each other or if you've been friends for years but you need to get something better to spice up your

Quizzers, assemble!You've stuck with us through the trivia saga but it's time to get to the Endgame now!If you're hearing the title track kicking in, you're not alone! It's finally here! Ace of Pubs' Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia Night is here to take away all the trouble you had initially thought of!Form your own team of the Trivia Avengers this December 18, 2023, and dive into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Ace of Pubs.Doesn't matter if you're Team Cap or Team Iron Man, because unlike the Sokovia Accords, this time you're both competing for the same prize, trivia supremacy!Journey across all the dimensions of the Marvel Universe to grasp what you think can win you the night!From the mystical realms of "Doctor Strange" to the cosmic expanse of "Guardians of the Galaxy," every corner of the MCU is your battleground. Assemble your squad, and collect your

A Chance To Prove Your Shinobi Prowess!Sharpen your kunai and get ready to unleash your chakra!Ace of Pubs is here with a Naruto Games and Quiz Night to rid you of those 'Monday Blues'!This Monday, on November 27th, join Ace of Pubs for an evening filled with challenging trivia, thrilling games, and a deep dive into the world of Naruto.Whether you're a seasoned shinobi or a newcomer to the Hidden Leaf Village, this is your night to shine.Ignite a rivalry as intense as Naruto and Sasuke as they did in the early days of Team 7 with the table next to you, or find a mentor like Kakashi in the host. All we're saying is that if you're a fan of Naruto, this is the place to be!Our quiz night is designed to test your knowledge of these iconic characters and storylines, bringing the Kohohamaru to life in a fun,

An Ace of Pubs' Quiz Night with a Twist. Why stop at Pub Quizzing when your night can be so much more? While redefining "fun places near you" we can't just stop at your favourite trivia, we've got to take it one step further! Showing off your trivia prowess may have gotten old for you but this is sure to add that extra spice back into those nights you've spent! A pub quiz was always about enjoying the moment with friends both old and new! And what's better to add to this mix than some games to keep you rolling? It's a place where drinking games and laughter blend seamlessly. So, grab a drink (or win one) and strap in for a night of some extra fun for those of you lucky enough to chance upon the magic of pub quizzing!Game 1: Mystery Patron – The Stealthy GamerHow to Play: Every team

The Nine Nine is now at a bar near you!You've seen the Jimmy Jabs and the Halloween Heist play out on your screen, how about you create some trouble of your own this Halloween with a trivia quiz to capture the magic of the night!With questions you will not have any trouble knowing if you're a fan of the show, Ace of Pubs is here with the perfect answer to the constant question of 'things to do' in your city on weekdays. A night of Brooklyn Nine Nine trivia where you're rewarded with drinks and merchandise from The Souled Store for all the right answers.What do I expect?:Get seated at just the right spot to get your night as legendary as the Nine Nine! Gather your crew and make sure you have your tables close enough that you don't risk an eavesdrop from another table near you!Ever wondered which Brooklyn

For all the times that you've stayed up watching your favourite sitcom on repeat, for all the times you've woken your parents up shouting at 2:00 AM because your team just conceded a goal, there was a reason. Life was preparing you. Your moment is here. Two words. Pub Quizzing. A trivia event is just the place to dip into your cache of 'useless' information. A place where you can find kindred spirits and have your skills rewarded. A fun event to attend with your friends! The best part? The rewards are winning drinks and other fun goodies! Where? When? What?: Ace of Pubs is India's largest quizzing company, organizing pub quizzes in more than 15 cities across the country and internationally. With quizzes ranging from mind games and general trivia to themed quizzes for specific fandoms, Ace of Pubs has conducted over 5500 events from its inception. From general knowledge to sports, our

This should not be allowed. Having this much fun at a place that is this accessible, with virtually no entry fee should not be something that anyone would ever have thought of. And yet, Ace of Pubs makes it possible. India's largest quizzing company, Ace of Pubs, brings you a whole host of events that can get your weekdays buzzing with excitement. Here's why you need to ditch googling "things to do around me" on weekday nights and binge-ing that same old comfort rerun of your favourite show and switch up your schedule with some cool events happening around you! 1. FREE REGISTRATION: While our events should be worth golden Galleons in registration, we believe that fun should come at no cost! Most of our events are free and don't charge any registration fees. The only condition that remains is that you must register for the event through the link on our page

This is the 'One Where You Finally Get Rewarded'! All those debates about if Ross and Rachel were really on a break, whether Phoebe should have kept 'Princess Consuela Banana-hammock' as her name and the king of them all, who is your favorite friend, can finally find some closure! India's largest quizzing company Ace of Pubs  brings you the event you never knew you were pining for with the Friends Quiz at locations across the country! Drop in to one of our venues to discuss your favorite friends episode with fellow fans and stay back to answer questions about your favorite show to win drinks and goodies! It's really simple. Just check out our event calendar  and find an event listed near you. Once you have identified your venue and event, make sure you RSVP for the event by registering. If you're all caught up on FRIENDS trivia then call us Gunther

Adrenaline. Competition. Will to win. If you think we just described Formula 1 racing, you're not wrong. But what if we told you, it could be more? India's largest quizzing company, Ace of Pubs, brings you the weekend's action with a pit stop for trivia along the way. Grab your gearhead friends for an F1 watch-along experience like no other! Bring together your crew for some F1 fun during the race weekend to win fun prizes for your F1 trivia knowledge. Just make sure to register for our events here and we'll reserve a spot for you in the quizzing paddock. Think of it as our own personal version of F1 qualifying except, everyone starts on the pole. Once we have your registration all you need to do is make sure you've brushed up on all your Formula One trivia and you're ready to rev your trivia engines! All you need to do

Picture this. Tuesday night. You have had your 8th meeting of the week with an annoying client (is there any other kind?) and work is finally done. You are ready to take on the night with your old college gang but you are tired of the same old hangout routine. Where do you head? Look no further than a fun night with Ace of Pubs, India's largest quizzing company with trivia nights in pubs across the country. With over 5500 events across multiple venues in 25+ cities, we are not far from you anymore. Why Us? A pub quiz is an ideal setting for you to show off your wit and knowledge and climb the social ladder all while showing off your competitive side. You can go from the Morty of your group to Rick in a single night. What can you expect from an Ace of Pubs Event? Pit yourself against the best in

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