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I have been a passionate quizzer since school & have even been on a couple of televised quiz shows! After attending (and winning!) a bunch of AOP quizzes, I was bitten by the hosting bug and decided to try being on the other side. The first time that I hosted an event for AOP, I was a little nervous and ended up talking too rapidly & I don’t know how many folks in the audience were able to comprehend the questions. But since then, I have understood that its more enjoyable to be natural & spontaneous rather than trying to spout out rehearsed dialogues while hosting.
All in all, I have hosted regular pub quiz nights, quiz tournaments, FIFA quizzes & even an anti-Valentine’s Day quiz! The thing about conducting so many different types of quizzes is that each one can attract a different kind of crowd. For me its enjoyable to be able to guide the person to the answer even if they don’t know it straightaway. I guess being a quizzer helps in this regard, as you are able to recall other facts which could serve as hints for the audience. Reading the audience is another skill that can help in being a good host. If the audience doesn’t seem to be interested in a particular topic, it is usually safe to assume that very niche questions may not keep their attention. On the other hand, I have also conducted quizzes where the crowd can get quite competitive and demand that you take their answer over another team! In such cases, being firm is important, else this sends a message that you can be coerced into changing your mind.

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