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Utkarsh Mehrotra Pune.

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Utkarsh Mehrotra Pune

Meet Utkarsh – A person who was born and brought up from the city where the legend Mr. Bachaan was born(Prayagraj), so obviously the extra flavor of Hindi film industry will be visible when you meet him. He is a sheer believer of whatever happens in movies will also happen in real life but with a kick of practicality, ain’t that stupid.

During his free time he loves reading fictional books, dance, cook and video call randomly to his friends. While everyone was gaining weight in the first lockdown, he crashed 29.6 kgs and recorded his correct BMI after ages. Small happiness means a lot to him which doesn’t mean he doesn’t dreams big.

Dogs are his fav friends and he has been a good father to two Indies in the past.

He has been living in Pune for almost 7 years now and is head over heals in love with the city, more than his native. One fine evening he was dining at a restaurant where he witnessed free booze being offered over correct answers. He knew that he so wanted to be a part of it, but not the one receiving those free vouchers but instead providing them.

So just after some good amount of trials, he started getting his own gigs. Bollywood nights are his fav but he sure loves trying the untouched territories(like F1 or cricket). He loves being himself for those 1 hour at those venues and never mind the distance of the venues from his residence. He always wanted his hobby to be recognized by someone and be put to action.

There have been instances that the audience have offered him something in return, maybe a piece of cake or a shot because their evening turned out to be better than they have thought.
His goal is to get a lot of recognition through these events because in this busy world the only person to which people respond is the one who give them free booze.

Ace Of Pubs has given him that platform to overcome his fear of holding the mic, lol, jk he was never afraid of that but yes connecting to new people , getting all the love from everyone and at times being identified by them in public because of that one evening when they received free shots.

His another hobby is solo travelling, be it domestic destinations or international, he has all done it by himself and wishes to continue doing that. Wouldn’t that be great if he gets gigs at other cities so that he can checkmark that city from his bucket list and make new friends there as well.

Making ppl laugh by his wit and humor is his favorite thing and not just Pune, he wants to host at multiple cities, if given the chance.

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