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Ace of Pubs Quiz Nights is in Buzzing Fashion!.

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Ace of Pubs Quiz Nights is in Buzzing Fashion!

As a professional host, I concur that the demand and craze for Pub Quizzing is going up day by day!

Hence, for my Ace of Pubs gigs, I strive to create a comfortable, jovial, and engaging environment for the audience. This is accomplished by indulging in interaction at the very beginning, and that lays the groundwork! The first step is vital as it helps me gauge the diversity in interest that the crowd possesses. Thence I proceed accordingly.

Allow me to phase you through one of the most memorable Quiz Nights – The Friends Night, where initially only 7 tables agreed to play, however, as things got enticing with the Quiz proceeding, all the 16 tables joined the fun!

Quiz Nights sees a varying array of crowds, coming from different experiences, and with different expectations, yet, by the end of the night, the people carry with pride, a shared memory of a super fun experience!

What is shared by everyone during those nights, becomes a part of them somehow! This has helped me build upon my network, and collect a set of meaningful friendships from these events. The end of every event is followed by the beginning of a new family!

Often, I add games such as betting, coin-toss, and more, to rile up the crowd, and make the Quiz more happening!

Overall, thematic Quiz Nights see the most amount of crowd and I would want to continue doing this evermore!

Thank you!

Saahil Agarwal

Ace of pubs, Kolkata

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