Get Ready for an Epic Marvel Extravaganza: Pub Quiz Night at Ace of Pubs.

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Get Ready for an Epic Marvel Extravaganza: Pub Quiz Night at Ace of Pubs

Quizzers, assemble!

You’ve stuck with us through the trivia saga but it’s time to get to the Endgame now!

If you’re hearing the title track kicking in, you’re not alone! It’s finally here! Ace of Pubs’ Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia Night is here to take away all the trouble you had initially thought of!

Form your own team of the Trivia Avengers this December 18, 2023, and dive into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Ace of Pubs.

Doesn’t matter if you’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man, because unlike the Sokovia Accords, this time you’re both competing for the same prize, trivia supremacy!

Journey across all the dimensions of the Marvel Universe to grasp what you think can win you the night!

From the mystical realms of “Doctor Strange” to the cosmic expanse of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” every corner of the MCU is your battleground. Assemble your squad, and collect your trivia ‘Infinity Stones’ to claim victory!

What can I expect?

Assemble your squad to get it just right! Make sure you’ve covered all bases because this could get heated fast. Sign up with your friends by clicking here from a venue near you and you’re almost set!

Got a Quantum Realm navigator on your team? You might need one for our rapid-fire round! Time travel might give you an edge – just don’t create any alternate timelines, or we might end up with a quiz multiverse! This is one of the fun activities near you that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast who knows the details of every post-credits scene or a casual viewer who cheers for every heroic entrance, this night is for everyone.

That’s not all! Your reward for getting your favorite trivia right? Drinks and merchandise from The Souled Store! It may be the end of the year but this year isn’t over just about yet! 

Ace of Pubs brings the excitement of the MCU to fun places near you. Gather your friends, wear your Marvel gear, and get ready for a night of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. It’s not just about knowing the most – it’s about enjoying the universe we all love.

The chance for you to win the ultimate prize is finally here.

Remember, whether you’re a fan of Marvel comics or just love the movies, this is your chance to shine. Get ready to explore the world of Marvel characters and prove your knowledge at your local Ace of Pubs quiz event. The Avengers might be Earth’s mightiest heroes, but on December 18, it’s your turn to take the spotlight!

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