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Think You’re the #1 Friends Fan? Prove it at Ace of Pubs Quiz Night!.

/Blogs /Think You’re the #1 Friends Fan? Prove it at Ace of Pubs Quiz Night!

Think You’re the #1 Friends Fan? Prove it at Ace of Pubs Quiz Night!

This is the ‘One Where You Finally Get Rewarded’! All those debates about if Ross and Rachel were really on a break, whether Phoebe should have kept ‘Princess Consuela Banana-hammock’ as her name and the king of them all, who is your favorite friend, can finally find some closure!

India’s largest quizzing company Ace of Pubs  brings you the event you never knew you were pining for with the Friends Quiz at locations across the country! Drop in to one of our venues to discuss your favorite friends episode with fellow fans and stay back to answer questions about your favorite show to win drinks and goodies!

It’s really simple. Just check out our event calendar  and find an event listed near you. Once you have identified your venue and event, make sure you RSVP for the event by registering. If you’re all caught up on FRIENDS trivia then call us Gunther because we’re getting you drinks all night.

All you need to do is make sure the host knows that you are participating in the quiz and you will be allotted a table number for the quiz. The rules are simple. Rule #1 have fun at the Friends trivia night. But there is a few things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable. Make sure you raise your placard to let the host know you have the right answer and only give the answer when called upon.

If you’re a Monica, you’ll love this next one. No pooling answers with any other tables. You have to make sure that the answers you give are your own and *only* your own. So here’s a tip for all the Rachels out there. Take your time before you say ‘transponster’.

If you’re a Joey, don’t worry we got you covered. If you and your team get the answers right, you’ll get your rewards. You won’t ever need to share them.

The quiz rounds will be based on trivia questions from all the season and could be based around the trip to Jamaica or the wedding in London, from Chandler’s actual job to Ross’ many marriages, your reward for following your favorite show could even be goodies from The Souled Store!

Sign up  for the Friends trivia night here and make sure that you’re never missing out on all the fun.



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