November 2023.


A Chance To Prove Your Shinobi Prowess!Sharpen your kunai and get ready to unleash your chakra!Ace of Pubs is here with a Naruto Games and Quiz Night to rid you of those 'Monday Blues'!This Monday, on November 27th, join Ace of Pubs for an evening filled with challenging trivia, thrilling games, and a deep dive into the world of Naruto.Whether you're a seasoned shinobi or a newcomer to the Hidden Leaf Village, this is your night to shine.Ignite a rivalry as intense as Naruto and Sasuke as they did in the early days of Team 7 with the table next to you, or find a mentor like Kakashi in the host. All we're saying is that if you're a fan of Naruto, this is the place to be!Our quiz night is designed to test your knowledge of these iconic characters and storylines, bringing the Kohohamaru to life in a fun,

An Ace of Pubs' Quiz Night with a Twist. Why stop at Pub Quizzing when your night can be so much more? While redefining "fun places near you" we can't just stop at your favourite trivia, we've got to take it one step further! Showing off your trivia prowess may have gotten old for you but this is sure to add that extra spice back into those nights you've spent! A pub quiz was always about enjoying the moment with friends both old and new! And what's better to add to this mix than some games to keep you rolling? It's a place where drinking games and laughter blend seamlessly. So, grab a drink (or win one) and strap in for a night of some extra fun for those of you lucky enough to chance upon the magic of pub quizzing!Game 1: Mystery Patron – The Stealthy GamerHow to Play: Every team

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